For some, study abroad plans is such a herculean thing, they discard the thought as soon as it enters their minds. Many Africans have a strong desire to further their education in developed countries but do not have the resources. The good news is that the thousands of Nigerians posting their “Welcome to a new dispensation” memes on twitter do not have two heads. The truth is, moving to another country in search of higher education and better career opportunities comes with a process. You do not just decide to move to England, pack your bags and go. Unfortunately, wishes aren’t horses so beggars can’t just ride. As with life, there is a process to everything. If you are one of those people that dream of studying abroad, you probably fall into one of the following:

1) You don’t have the funds:

In a university abroad, international students pay up to 14,000 pounds on average for a masters program. If you have some insight into how expensive education is overseas, that may make you pause when considering studying abroad. However, most schools have a great payment plan for international students which allows you to pay your tuition is multiple installments.

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